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  • Is this the World you want to Live in?

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Our current Action

This year, Plastic-Free Paxos has printed 10’000 bilingual flyers to be distributed in shops, tourist agents offices, and in villas, aiming to inspire every Paxiot and visitor to reduce the use of single-use products, and to replace them either with equivalents made with recyclable materials, or with multi-use, non-disposable alternatives.

The worst offender is the 1.5L single-use plastic water bottle.

But an estimated ONE MILLION 1.5L bottles per summer season could be avoided on Paxos.


Starting now, we strongly invite you to start using 20L water bottles instead of single-use 1.5L.

This is how it works:

A single deposit or € 6.00 / bottle is paid at the beginning of the subscription, and is reimbursed at the end.

Each 20 L water bottle then costs a very reasonable price: between € 3.50 and €5.50 depending on origin. Delivery and collection of empties is free.

Each bottle is checked, sterilised and refilled about 100 times before it’s recycled in full compliance with EU regulations.

Current supplier list:

– Cava Diamantis in Lakka (+3026620 31404 or +30 697 9577992)
– Yiannis Kondaris in Gaios (+3026620 32214 or +30 697 6623473)

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